About Us

Proud of our Hospitality Heritage

Our Hospitality Heritage originates from the first wholly owned “Modern Shobra Hotel” founded by Mahmoud Sabbagh in 1952 AD in the ancient historical area near Abdulla Ibn Abbas Mosque in Taif, Saudi Arabia.

This has been later developed into operating Shobra & Al Haram Hotels in Makkah Al Mukaramah & Al Madin Al Munawarah, welcoming Muslim tourists from all around the world into the Holy Cities.

During 70 years of hardworking, from Shobra Hotels into Hotel 21, we are proud of our Hospitality tradition in welcoming Muslim tourists from around the world into the Holy City of Makkah.


Vision | Mission


Born in Makkah, to become a global Hospitality brand, and to be the Hotel of choice for all our partners in the mid-scale hotel segments.

From the past, on present to the future


To create a new generation lifestyle brand that combines the 21st century innovation with a cultural heritage in one place, where guest can live the local experience in a modern, simple, and efficient way, with a friendly atmosphere for the best and outmost value possible.